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Athletic Sleeves<p>& Tank Tops

Athletic Sleeves

& Tank Tops

SPORT [ Polyester | Spandex ] "A sporty feel fabric that breathes easy and wicks sweat"

YOGA [ Bamboo | Cotton | Spandex ] "A super soft and comfy yoga-inspired fabric"



  • SPORT Sleeve

  • YOGA Sleeve

  • SPORT Tank

  • YOGA Tank


What's the difference between the SPORT and YOGA collections?

The names refer to the type of fabric used.

"SPORT" | A technical outerwear and active wear fabric that wicks sweat, sourced in the highly experienced Taiwanese textile mills. Innovation, quality control and attention to detail elevate this marketplace from basic fabric manufacturing sources.

"YOGA" | The knitted Rayon from Bamboo make this fabric ultra smooth and comfy to touch. It's stretchy and figure hugging.

Where are these made/manufactured?

We are proud to say that this fabulous apparel is made in our very own city, Vancouver, Canada - at "The Cutting Room", originating in New York City. [ ]

Liza Deyrmenjian (Owner) and her team have helped hundreds of fashion and lifestyle entrepreneurs build million dollar businesses, many of which have been featured in major publications and on national shows such as Oprah and Good Morning America. Liza worked with us to get our ideas from paper, to what you see here! She has worked with popular brands such as Marmot, Herschel, Park & Fifth, Lija, and more...

How do these FIT?

These are meant to fit snug and hug the figure. Please see our SIZING page for more details. But we would be happy to exchange sizes if the fit isn't right.

How do the CUFFS work?

There are thumb holes for comfort and warmth. They can fold over to cover fingers. Magnets in the palms have a strong attraction either one cuff inside the other, or palm to palm - you'll have to experiment. By linking them, that will make your infinity scarf or waist belt, as shown in the launch video.

Where does the name NICHI come from?

NiChi ("more correctly" written) comes from Nickel and Chia, the founders of the brand.

Nichi is everything, an all inclusive word... just like how these sleeves are for Everyone!

Nichi nichi kore kōnichi (日々是好日) is a Chinese-Japanese Zen Buddhist proverb at least 1.100 years old which means "Every day is a good day". On that note, may every day of YOURS be a GOOD DAY!!